BAUXITE & ALUMINA CONF: China’s bauxite imports could double within 10 years - Hydro

China’s bauxite imports could increase to 130-150 million tonnes per year within the next ten years, as it seeks to fill a domestic supply gap, according to Mark Roggensinger, senior market analyst at Hydro.

“The magnitude of the trend is still unclear, but if China is importing 70 million tonnes of bauxite this year, it’s not inconceivable to imagine that increasing to 130-150 million tonnes in 10 years’ time,” delegates heard at Metal Bulletin’s 24th Bauxite and Alumina Conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
“In terms of industry structure, things have changed from China. They are more serious about tackling overproduction and the environmental issues they have,” Roggensinger added.



Charlotte Radford

March 05, 2018

02:04 GMT

Montego Bay, Jamaica