EUROPE BEAMS: Mills see higher buyer confidence after February demand slump

Offer prices from mills for European domestic steel beams rose slightly this week, helped by an uptick in scrap prices and more interest from customers, although buyers were less convinced about the health of the market, Metal Bulletin heard.

Higher offer prices from mills widened Metal Bulletin’s price assessment for S235-grade, 200x200mm category-2 H-beams made in Northern Europe upward by €5 per tonne to €610-635 ($757-788) per tonne delivered on Wednesday March 7, compared with €610-630 per tonne one week ago.
Southern European prices widened to €600-635 per tonne delivered, compared with €615-630 per tonne delivered one week ago, with the bottom end dropping due to lower export prices heard out of Spain.

“People had high stocks, and let’s not...


Lee Allen

March 08, 2018

18:08 GMT