Low rhenium prices spur fall in recycling volumes

Historically low rhenium prices are leading to a decline in the amount of recycled material coming into the market, with several recycling facilities having closed or reduced production.

Metal Bulletin’s assessed rhenium pellet prices at $623-658 per lb on March 2, down from $700-750 last month and from highs of $4,600-4,850 per lb 10 years ago. Catalyst-grade ammonium perrhenate (APR) prices are also languishing at all-time lows of 1,450-1,600 per kilogram compared with highs of 10,300-10,800 per kg in 2008. Nordmet is among the producers to have stopped recycling rhenium completely in order to focus on more profitable businesses. “It’s safe to assume at least 90% of rhenium recycling makes no sense at the current price...


Tanya Ashreena

March 12, 2018

22:12 GMT