US pipe and tube prices soar after confirmation of Section 232 tariff

US welded pipe and tube prices jumped after President Donald Trump codified his Section 232 order with a 25% tariff on imported steel.

Domestic standard pipe prices went up by a whopping $80-150 per ton ($4-7.50 per hundredweight) in American Metal Market's monthly assessment after the across-the-board, 25% tariff was officially proclaimed, further supporting hot-rolled coil prices that have risen 38.3% in five months. Import standard pipe prices swelled at an even greater rate, adding as much as $190 per ton ($9.50 per cwt) after overseas mills confirmed that they immediately tacked on most of the tariffs and their own higher steel costs to selling prices, arguing that their prices are still a bargain compared...


Dom Yanchunas

March 14, 2018

19:39 GMT

New York