North American aluminium sheet shipments rise in Feb

Aluminium sheet shipments by North American producers rose year on year in February, coinciding with a tightening in trade policy by the United States.

Shipments of aluminium foil by US and Canadian producers totaled 74.7 million lb (33,883 tonnes) in February, up 2.4% from 73 million lb in the same month last year, according to data published by the Aluminum Association on Friday March 16. Aluminium sheet and plate shipments totaled 685.5 million lb, up 1.1% from 677.8 million lb in the same comparison.

Aluminium foil shipments on a year to date basis totaled 150.3 million lb, up 1.5% from 148 million lb in...


Kirk Maltais

March 20, 2018

03:43 GMT