FORECAST: Cadmium prices to stabilize on India’s fiscal problems

Market participants have said that a credit squeeze in India will lead cadmium prices to stabilize at current levels.

The end of the fiscal year has also meant that companies are putting off purchases until next month. The new fiscal year in India begins on April 1.
Metal Bulletin assessed the 99.95% cadmium quotation at 155-170 cents per lb on Friday March 23, up from 150-170 cents per lb on Wednesday. The 99.99% cadmium quotation rose to 160-175 cents per lb from 155-175 cents per lb in the previous session.
A trader said that although it was hard to ascertain what impact the credit squeeze would have on cadmium prices, it was evident that market sentiment had already dampened.

“Earlier, we were seeing prices rocketing, but now the market has somewhat stabilized and prices are only firming up,” he said. “Going forward, we will see prices...


Tanya Ashreena

March 26, 2018

23:13 GMT