LORD COPPER: Electric cars are okay, but what about charging?

While hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) continue to grow in popularity, is there enough charging infrastructure to sustain the UK's electric dreams, Lord Copper asks.

Over the past few weeks, I have been conducting a straw poll about the subject of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. No statistician would work from the arbitrary sample I have but, that proviso aside, I have found most reactions to be positive. Half or more of the people I spoke to indicated that their next car would be either a hybrid or an electric, or they would like it to be, but had not yet made a final decision. This seems encouraging, both in terms of overall resource usage and specifically for battery metals. The choice of vehicle is also widening. US manufacturer Tesla has done a magnificent job as a trailblazer (notwithstanding its latest challenges) demonstrating that it is perfectly possible to produce a purely electric car which does not peak with the performance of a milk float. But its first-mover advantage at the top end...


Lord Copper

April 06, 2018

10:00 GMT