STEEL VS AL: Cafe rollback unlikely to alter lightweighting

Despite this week's statement from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announcing plans to revise greenhouse gas and corporate average fuel economy (Cafe) standards, experts who spoke to American Metal Market expect automotive lightweighting to continue.

“With global vehicle platforms now the norm, and assuming the rest of the world’s key markets continue policies directed at improving mileage and reducing emissions, it will still make sense for automakers to pursue things like lightweighting and advanced tech,” David Zoia, executive director of content for Ward Automotive Group, told American Metal Market on Tuesday April 3.

In a statement on Monday, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt called the determination by former President Barak Obama's administration “wrong." He said the agency would revise the standards into one consolidated standard - one that likely will not be as stringent as the one championed by the Obama administration that called for fuel efficiency of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The...


Kirk Maltais

April 05, 2018

03:18 GMT

New York