Zorba market bracing for freefall in US after China’s 25% import tariff

Zorba prices are beginning to fall in the United States, with fears of mounting supplies rippling through the market due to China’s 25% tariff on US aluminium scrap imports.

The market is in a state of confusion as participants struggle to find clarity on how the tariff will impact domestic pricing, with all signs pointing to a steep drop, according to US buyer and seller sources.
“We’re getting requests from buyers in China not to ship material until they understand what’s going on. The shredding system is a machine that keeps on going, so suppliers are looking to move material promptly. It’s all pretty early though and people are making decisions on what they think not what they know,” one supplier source said.

“We’ve received two messages from our buyers in China. Some flat out reduced prices to a level where no one will sell to them while others have told us to hold off from shipping for the moment. There’s been a lot communication on whether buyers can receive back...


Bradley MacAulay

April 05, 2018

02:54 GMT