CESCO - INTERVIEW: China scrap laws altering European copper flows, scrap RCs, Aurubis’ Schachler says

Chinese laws restricting the nation's copper scrap imports have already materially affected the European market, Aurubis executive board chairman Jürgen Schachler told Metal Bulletin in an interview.

“In the short term we see that this legal legislation has changed the game a bit.” he said during Chile’s CESCO Copper Week.
China cut metal scrap import licenses issued to traders and processers by 94% in January, specifically penalizing importers of lower-grade category seven copper scrap. China's copper scrap imports fell by 52.4% year on year during the first two months of 2018, according to Chinese customs data.

This move has resulted in higher-quality scrap leaving Europe for the Chinese market,...


Archie Hunter

April 11, 2018

21:56 GMT

Santiago, Chile