Trevali’s zinc output jumps threefold in first quarter

Canadian miner Trevali more than tripled its payable zinc production in the first quarter of this year versus the same 2017 period, in line with other miners that have moved to boost production in response to higher metal prices on the London Metal Exchange.

Zinc and lead prices soared in 2017 versus the previous year. The LME's three-month zinc contract closed the year at $3,288.50 per tonne in official trading, up 27.5% from $2580 per tonne on December 30, 2016; and the three-month lead contract closed at $2,502 per tonne on December 29, 2017, up 25.4% from $1,996 per tonne at the end of the previous year.
But the mood turned bearish at the start of this year due to the rise of geopolitical tension between the United States, Russia and China, with zinc and lead down 4.9% and 7% respectively since the end of 2017 to close official LME trading at $3,127 per tonne and $2,328 per tonne.

Trevali reported payable...


Dalton Barker

April 16, 2018

03:14 GMT