GLOBAL TUNGSTEN WRAP: Chinese market sentiment lifts amid production disruptions; demand tails off in Europe

Chinese ammonium paratungstate exporters held firm or raised their offers on concerns output in major production hub Jiangxi province will fall following a new round of environmental inspections there; European prices declined due to falling demand.

Production disruptions in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, buoyed Chinese APT and concentrates markets  European prices fell amid fading demand Metal Bulletin assessed fob China ammonium paratungstate prices at $325-328 per metric tonne unit on Wednesday April 11, up from $322-326 in the prior week. “I heard two [APT] smelters [in Dayu county, Jiangxi province] halted production after an environmental inspection team went there early in the week, and other smelters here are cutting off electricity [supply] for uncertain reasons,” an APT producer in Jiangxi told Metal Bulletin. “The availability of APT will be affected going forward, and...


Charlotte Radford

Anna Xu

April 16, 2018

13:30 GMT