GLOBAL SILICON WRAP: Global silicon prices under pressure

Chinese silicon export prices edged lower on weak consumption, while European prices followed China down and US prices dropped on the US International Trade Commission's (ITC) ruling against anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imports from key suppliers.

Chinese grade-553 silicon export prices moved down to $1,900-1,960 per tonne on April 13, from $1,940-1,980 per tonne one week ago. Cheap materials and weak demand continue to weigh on the light metal’s price. Refineries in Sichuan and Yunnan province are offering lower prices for material they produced last year before the curtailment in production over winter, market participants said. “It’s usual practice for refineries to keep some stocks and sell them in March or April when prices remain strong on tightened supply before rainy season starts so that they could use the payment for purchasing raw materials and prepare for the restart of operations,” a trader said. “However, the price is actually moving in the opposite way and refineries have to...


Danielle Assalve

Susan Zou

Tanya Ashreena

Michael Roh

April 16, 2018

13:20 GMT

London, Shanghai, New York, Sao Paulo