GLOBAL MANGANESE WRAP: Ore prices drop with demand

The manganese ore market experienced lower prices across all reported grades while buyers looked to cut their order size to manage their costs, according to industry sources.

Chinese demand for smaller parcels  Markets look vulnerable to further losses  Less liquid trading creates wider international price ranges  Manganese ore prices fell this week on lower assessments from most Chinese buyers, who opted to either buy smaller-sized parcels from port inventories, or buy only on a ‘need-to’ basis to lessen costs. The 44% manganese ore index fell 4.13% week on week to $8.13 per dry metric tonne unit (dmtu) cif Tianjin on Friday April 13, from $8.48 per dmtu last week. Metal Bulletin’s 37% manganese ore index slipped 2.3% from last week to $7.21 per dmtu, fob Port Elizabeth, from $7.38 per dmtu the week prior. As for Metal Bulletin’s 37% manganese ore index, on a cif China basis, it dropped 2.11% to $7.89 per dmtu, versus $8.06 per dmtu last week. For manganese concentrates of 37% on a cif China basis, a producer was reported offering $8.25 per...


Janie Davies

Chris Kavanagh

Declan Conway

Karen Ng

April 16, 2018

15:30 GMT