EU safeguard measures will injure steel distribution chain, Assofermet says

The safeguard case begun by the EU into a number of imported steel products will injure the European steel distribution chain and will result in the market being dominated by a small group of suppliers, Italian steel distributors’ association Assofermet said on Monday April 16.

The European Commission (EC) started the safeguard case on March 26. It will look into 26 steel product types in an attempt to prevent the redirection of steel in the global export markets from the United States to the EU.
The fundamental assumption behind the safeguard case start is that shipments of steel products will be redirected to the EU from the US because of the effects of that country’s new import tariffs, imposed under its Section 232 legislation.
But imposing measures on the single basis of a risk of increased import volumes is unnecessary, Assofermet said, because the EU has sufficient monitoring systems in place to allow it to react in a timely manner to any change in import flows.

In addition, the EC has already settled a...


Maria Tanatar

April 17, 2018

13:42 GMT