US domestic rebar prices driven up by mill price increases

Rebar prices in the United States have risen after multiple mills announced $20-per-ton increases in a tight market, even as a leading producer remained silent.

Commercial Metals Co (CMC), Steel Dynamics Inc (SDI) and Gerdau Long Steel North America all came out with $20-per-ton hikes this week. Nucor is the sole producer to not make any official announcement on rebar prices.
But the price increases for those three mills, which make up a big chunk of US rebar production, are in effect and have been accepted without difficulty, market participants said.
Chicago shredded scrap prices rose by $20 per gross ton in April, a good talking point for mills who sought to boost pricing, buyers added.
These increases will stick, one rebar distributor said, adding that mills had raised prices “privately” in one-off deals as well as in direct negotiations with buyers.

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Nat Rudarakanchana

April 19, 2018

22:12 GMT

New York