GLOBAL VANADIUM WRAP: Chinese exporters raise offers on recovering European market; US prices flatline

Chinese ferro-vanadium exporters increased their offer prices in the week to Friday April 27 amid recovering prices in Europe, while US ferro-vanadium prices stagnated due to inactivity in the spot market.

Chinese ferro-vanadium export prices tick up on the back of European recovery  European market firm week on week on thinning spot inventories  US ferro-vanadium price stagnates on market inactivity Chinese ferro-vanadium offers rose to chase the price recovery in Europe, while the export price range for vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) narrowed, Metal Bulletin learned in the latest pricing session.

Metal Bulletin assessed fob China ferro-vanadium price min 78% at $66-69 per kg on Thursday April 26, moving up by $1 on the high end of the range week on week.

“Seeing the price recovery in Europe this Wednesday from the downtrend over the past two weeks, some Chinese exporters lifted offers. I raised my offers to $68 from last week’s...


Anna Xu

Chris Kavanagh

May 01, 2018

14:15 GMT

New York, Shanghai