US Customs makes S. Korea 232 quota retroactive to January 1

The Section 232 annual quota on steel imports from South Korea will be tallied retroactively to January 1, according to a document issued Tuesday May 1 by US Customs and Border Protection.

The announcement is expected to send US domestic prices higher.
The document indicates that some items have already seen their 2018 quota filled, including certain categories of silicon electric steel, cold-rolled stainless strip, stainless ingot, piling pipe, hot-rolled bars and rods, and tool steels. Another category with no quota space remaining is angles, shapes and sections of a type that Customs refers to as “light-shaped bars.”

South Korea had agreed to steel and aluminium quotas in exchange for an exemption from the Section...


Dom Yanchunas

May 01, 2018

23:44 GMT