Argentinian, Brazilian aluminium industries take different directions on US’ Section 232 restrictions

Argentina has welcomed the US government’s offer of a tariff-free quota for aluminium shipments into the United States, while the Brazilian aluminium industry has opted to bear the imposition of a 10% tariff on such shipments with no limit on volume - deeming it a “less harmful alternative.”

Under the quota, a total of 180,000 tonnes of Argentina-origin aluminium will be allowed enter the US per year without facing the 10% import tariff linked to the latter’s Section 232 investigation.
The 180,000-tonne volume is equal to the average amount of Argentinian aluminium shipped into the US on an annual basis over the past three years, according to Argentina’s Minister of Production Francisco Cabrera.
But the quota is about 30% lower than the amount exported to the US last year – Argentina shipped around 260,000 tonnes of aluminium to the North American nation in 2017.

Despite this, the Argentinian government deemed the quota a success, highlighting that it had achieved a better deal than South Korea, which had settled for a tariff-free quota...


Danielle Assalve

May 04, 2018

11:20 GMT

São Paulo