Thousands of China-bound US non-ferrous scrap containers in limbo

US non-ferrous scrap exporters are weighing their options and considering what to do with thousands of non-ferrous scrap containers now stuck in limbo following China’s sudden suspension of its North American customs inspection division.

The Chinese government's decision to implement a 30-day suspension on the inspection operations of the Chinese Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) North America division has disrupted the global scrap trade and shocked recyclers around the world.
“This is the most impactful thing that has ever happened to our industry. It is even worse than the 2008 crash because at least that event was somewhat of a slow creeping event. This however has happened in such a short window, out of the blue and specifically targeted at the scrap industry,” one exporter said.
CCIC’s operations in the United States, as well as in Mexico, will be curtailed from Friday May 4 through June 4. During this period, CCIC North America will no longer perform the pre-shipment inspections of material bound for China or issue the final certificate required to clear customs.

The government has also cracked down on Canada, warning...


Bradley MacAulay

May 04, 2018

22:37 GMT