US aluminium scrap market waits out CCIC suspension

Aluminium scrap market participants in the United States are shifting to the sidelines and cautiously watching how China’s suspension of its North American customs inspection division will impact US scrap prices.

The Chinese government's decision to implement a 30-day suspension on the inspection operations of the Chinese Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) North America division has brought the US scrap export market to China to a screeching halt.
The snap suspension has left thousands of non-ferrous scrap containers in limbo, prompting many exporters to temporarily freeze purchasing activity in the US until there is more clarity on the short- to medium-term impact on the market.

US smelter- and mill-grade aluminium scrap prices were all unchanged on Monday May 7. American Metal Market’s assessment for nonferrous auto...


Bradley MacAulay

May 09, 2018

02:22 GMT