COPPER COLLEGE - INTERVIEW: EV charging to use over 500,000 tonnes of copper by 2027 - Navigant Research

Private corporations are driving a renewed push to install the infrastructure required to charge plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), which will in turn lead to copper demand of more than 500,000 tonnes over the next decade, according to John Gartner, senior research director at Navigant Research.

Speaking to Metal Bulletin during an interview at the American Copper Council’s Copper College meeting in Denver, in the US state of Colorado, Gartner said that total copper demand from EVs charging installations will be 560,000 tonnes through to 2027. Charging infrastructure – which uses copper in port charging cables, charging units and wiring to electrical panels – is now being viewed as an amenity that is seeing private firms take over where governments left off, he noted. “There’s already been investment in charging infrastructure – for example the US Federal government in 2009-11 had a big investment in infrastructure, which created a baseline,” he said. Now private corporations are stepping up, with hotels and retail enterprises such as movie theatres offering charging as a convenience to tempt in customers using EVs. “It’s a bit like Wi-Fi in coffee shops a decade ago… It’ll take a while to get to...


Andrea Hotter

May 10, 2018

03:20 GMT

Denver, Colorado