LME ASIA WEEK 2018: Warehouses in China a priority but no aggressive push, says Charles Li

London Metal Exchange warehouses in China remain a “top priority” but Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing’s (HKEX) is not “aggressively pushing for it,” HKEX chief executive officer, Charles Li, told Metal Bulletin in an exclusive interview before LME Asia in Hong Kong next week.

“Every year it is very important for us to be able find the opportunity to be able to see whether we can push [LME warehouses in China] forward, but that requires a regulation on the book that needs to be removed,” Li said.
He is referring to the China Securities and Regulatory Commission (CSRC) ban on foreign exchanges being allowed to have warehouses in China’s free-trade zone, issued in 2008.

Chinese metals trader Maike Group’s ceo, He Jinbi, told Reuters earlier this year that...


Shivani Singh

May 10, 2018

11:20 GMT