GLOBAL SILICON WRAP: Chinese prices fall on increased production; European market weaker

The Chinese silicon export market prices fell on Friday May 11 on looming operation restarts at silicon refineries in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces during the rainy season, while European prices also weakened.

Metal Bulletin’s Chinese grade 553 silicon export prices moved lower to $1,890-1,950 per tonne on Friday’s assessment, down 0.8% from $1,910-1,960 per tonne previously. On one hand, very prompt cargoes were still quoted and traded at robust level due to the tight availability of materials among exporter traders. “If buyers want any cargoes to be shipped outside China prior to May 20, that is the price they need to pay,” a trader said. On the other hand, suppliers have lowered their offers to quickly secure bookings in anticipation of prices plummeting when refineries in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces restart operations in the coming weeks. This was cited as a...


Susan Zou

Tanya Ashreena

May 14, 2018

13:23 GMT