LME ASIA WEEK 2018: Ghana building service centers and refinery to produce 'green gold' - Sakthi Trading

Sakthi Trading and its partners plan to build 10 service centers for small-scale miners in the eastern and western regions of Ghana as well as a refinery in the country, enabling eco-friendly and responsible sourcing of gold, chief executive officer Hariharan Sundarajan said.

The government of Ghana has imposed a ban on illegal mining so “small scale and artisanal miners will need to approach the service centers... for processing their gold,” Sundarajan told the HKEX precious metals seminar on Tuesday May 15. They will offer logistics and transport facilities such as excavators, loaders and trucks to and small- scale miners within the 50-80km range as well as geological services in cooperation with the...


Shivani Singh

May 15, 2018

10:18 GMT

Hong Kong