Uncertainty clouds US non-ferrous scrap export market

The United States' non-ferrous scrap exports rose further in March but a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the industry due to lagging shipments of aluminium and copper scrap to China so far this year and concerns of future trade with the nation.

Non-ferrous scrap exports as a whole increased by 24,415 short tons sequentially in March but fell by 2,597 tons compared with the same month last year, according to US Commerce Department data. Of the seven non-ferrous scrap grades - aluminium, used beverage cans (UBCs), copper, lead, lead-acid batteries, nickel and zinc - tracked by American Metal Market, zinc was the only scrap grade to post a month-on-month decline while copper and nickel scrap registered year-on-year declines. Non-ferrous scrap trade with China has had a rocky start to the year due to dramatic shifts in...


Bradley MacAulay

May 15, 2018

22:41 GMT