LME ASIA WEEK 2018: ‘The force of new technology is pushing LME volumes higher’ – Marex’s Wolf

The increased acceptance by humans that they cannot battle against the rise of technology and algorithmic trading has brought numerous changes to the type of trades taking place on the London Metal Exchange, according to Marex Spectron’s head of market analytics Guy Wolf.

Speaking at an event during this year's LME Asia Week in Hong Kong on Tuesday May 15, Wolf said that we are seeing a strong pattern of a rise in volumes due to technology taking hold of the market.
“Regardless of whether it is a bear or bull market, there are strong volumes now and the underlying force of technology is an important factor. We saw it in equities, now we are seeing it in commodities,” Wolf said.
He noted that recently there has been a number of adaptions to the market, including the emergence of “unstructured data”.

“The added types of data,...


Alice Mason

May 16, 2018

05:25 GMT

Hong Kong