EUROMETAL VIENNA: EU's flat steel imports 'to retain balance despite Section 232'

The volumes of flat steel imported into the EU will remain in balance despite uncertainties related to the Section 232 import tariffs in the United States, according to Gabriel Holub of Slovakian company US Steel Kosice.

“The level of imports [in the EU] is expected to be balanced in the near future, despite the current uncertainty linked to the Section 232 tariffs and the risk of [steel] volumes being redirected to Europe,” Holub, who is general manager for sales, home market and Europe, told participants at the Eurometal Central Europe regional meeting in Vienna, Austria, on Tuesday May 15. The US authorities have postponed the imposition of the Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminium imported from the EU, Canada and...


Maria Tanatar

May 16, 2018

19:50 GMT