INTERVIEW: LME will name companies that don’t respond to responsible sourcing survey by year-end - Chamberlain

The London Metal Exchange is expected to publish its white paper on responsible sourcing of metal by around the start of July and is planning to publicly name companies that do not formally respond to a producer survey on standards by the end of the year, the exchange’s chief executive officer said.

Matthew Chamberlain told Metal Bulletin that a white paper of the results to date is being shared with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), industry associations and various standards bodies identified by current contributors to the LME’s survey. The goal is to embed standards for responsible sourcing into the LME’s brand listings which are in turn based on or around principles set by the OECD. “We’re aiming to publish our findings after sharing the white paper, depending on how long it takes to get informal feedback, but we’re targeting the end of June or start of July. That’ll start the clock on comment, but more importantly lay out a pathway to compliance, a timeline,” Chamberlain said during an interview at the Cobalt Institute conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The OECD has established recommendations to help companies respect human rights and avoid contributing to conflict through their...


Andrea Hotter

May 24, 2018

20:00 GMT

Las Vegas, Nevada