US exporters cringe at CCIC North America inspection costs

Out-of-pocket costs associated with China’s new stricter pre-shipment inspections could add hundreds of dollars to the process and become a logistical nightmare for recyclers in the United States.

The Chinese government outlined new rules for pre-shipment inspection procedures - detailed in Notice No 48 of 2018 by China’s General Administration of Customs - that became effective on Friday June 1.
Under the new protocols an inspector from a licensed pre-shipping inspection agency must now be present to supervise the loading of every China-bound container and stamp it with the proper sealing marks.
“Now you have to schedule the inspector to be there present at the loading of the container five days ahead. Scheduling this is going to be [a] logistical nightmare and [the Chinese Certification and Inspection Group, or CCIC] will charge you for everything,” one exporter said.

At the moment, the CCIC North America inspection division - which will resume operations on June 8 after being suspended by the government in in early May - is the only agency able to do inspections in the US, market sources...


Bradley MacAulay

June 06, 2018

23:02 GMT