Environmental inspection-related stoppages to hit Chinese NPI production

Environmental inspection-related disruptions at nickel pig iron (NPI) smelters in northern and eastern China could remove as much as 5,000 tonnes per month of downstream supply of nickel from the Chinese market, market sources told Metal Bulletin.

A number of NPI smelters in north China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region and east China’s Shandong and Jiangsu provinces – major NPI-producing regions in the country – have reduced, or in some cases completely halted, their operations amid ongoing environmental inspections.
In total, affected output of downstream nickel supply is estimated at around 5,000 tpm, equal to approximately 15% of the country’s total monthly nickel metal output, according to market sources.
Other major NPI production hubs in China, such as Liaoning province in the northeast and Fujian in the southeast, have yet to be affected by the environmental inspections, market sources added.
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Violet Li

June 08, 2018

09:40 GMT