US non-ferrous scrap exports rise in April despite China's retreat

Non-ferrous scrap exports from the United States nudged only slightly higher sequentially in April, with retreating scrap volumes to China partially offset by a surge in shipments to surrounding countries.

But exporters remain wary of whether emerging export destinations will remain a viable option in the long term or if they will provide only short-term relief.
Non-ferrous scrap exports as a whole increased by 5,476 short tons month on month in April and were up by 33,892 tons year on year, according to US Commerce Department data.

China’s implementation of aggressive restrictions on contaminates in scrap metal imports and other monumental changes in trade and environmental policies has hampered the nation’s appetite for lower-grade material, and new out-of-pocket costs associated with the country's new stricter pre-shipment inspections could create further challenges for US exporters.


Bradley MacAulay

June 13, 2018

22:52 GMT