CHINA COBALT SNAPSHOT: Cobalt metal, sulfate prices intact on slow demand; consumers conduct “hand-to-mouth” procurement

Key data from the Wednesday June 13 pricing session in Shanghai.

Cobalt metal - China's domestic cobalt metal price marginally dipped in the mid-week pricing session to 575,000-600,000 yuan per tonne ($35.13-36.65 per lb China VAT-free), weighed down by persistent sluggish demand. - Spot sales and quotations for Jinchuan cobalt stood around 575,000-580,000 yuan per tonne, while those for imported cobalt metal were around 580,000-600,000 yuan per tonne. - There have been more inquiries since Tuesday, however, there wasn’t any significant buying in the spot market, according to market participants. - Some...


Susan Zou

June 14, 2018

12:15 GMT