PRICING NOTICE: Proposal to launch US aluminium duty-unpaid P1020 premium

American Metal Market is proposing to launch a weekly assessment of a US aluminium duty-unpaid P1020 premium, to be assessed once per week on Tuesday.

Market participants have expressed interest in a duty-unpaid premium (DUP) assessment for the US Midwest as a reference tool following recently imposed import duties, although they also noted that liquidity in this market is currently limited.
As a result, American Metal Market proposes to publish a reference price range based on market participants' transactions, bids, offers and assessments but also reserves the right to use a duty net-back calculation for the duty-paid market in the absence of data points for the unpaid market. The calculation would comprise the level of the US Midwest aluminium premium minus duties.

American Metal Market is also proposing to publish an aluminium P1020 free-market delivered duty-unpaid...


Grace Lavigne Asenov

Kirk Maltais

Perrine Faye

Tom Jennemann

July 12, 2018

22:59 GMT

New York