UPDATE 1: China announces 25% import tariffs in concentrates of copper, zinc and nickel from US [CORRECTED]

China will apply import tariffs of 25% on a series of US metal products including copper concentrates, the Chinese government said in an official notice on Friday August 3, marking an escalation of the trade war between the two countries.

Key base metal raw material products that will be subject to the import tariffs are copper ores and concentrates; copper anodes and cathodes; zinc ores and concentrates; refined zinc; nickel ores and concentrates and alumina. Semi-finished products on the list include unwrought brass and brass tubes; other copper bars; rods and profiles of refined copper; lead acid batteries; and lithium ion batteries. Chinese imports of US origin lead ores and concentrates will be be charged a 10% tax. The...


Archie Hunter

Julian Luk

August 06, 2018

10:30 GMT