China’s lead concs imports threatened by 10% tariffs on US goods amid tight market

China announced a 10% tariff on US lead ores and concentrates, which took up one-sixth of its imports last year, a move that could possibly exacerbate the tightness of lead raw material supply, according to a release by China’s Ministry of Finance last Friday.

Chinese lead smelters are now avoiding purchases of US lead ores and concentrates although the announcement did not come with a timetable, Metal Bulletin learned.

‘Of course [the potential tariffs] will push up our lead concentrates procurement cost. We will have to buy from other countries. Currently we are already avoiding those of US origin,’ an overseas procurement manager for a major Chinese smelter said.

Beijing listed a series of retaliatory import tariffs ranging...


Julian Luk

August 06, 2018

13:02 GMT