CHINA ALI SUMMIT: Chinese bauxite deficit could lead to higher domestic alumina prices

Chinese alumina prices could rise due to declining domestic bauxite quality, with refineries turning to seaborne markets to supplement raw material supply, delegates heard at the China Aluminium Industry Summit in Harbin on August 7-10.

China produced 6.08 million tonnes of metallurgical bauxite in 2017. Meanwhile, total aluminium production came to 32.27 million tonnes in 2017, according the country’s Bureau of Statistics. At current rates of aluminium production, and on the basis that 1 tonne of aluminium consumes four tonnes of bauxite, China will require at least 128 million tonnes of bauxite per year. China has 1 billion tonnes of bauxite reserves, accounting for 2% of global bauxite supply, according to Shi Fuliang of local research company Aladdiny. “This cannot support...


Hui Li

August 10, 2018

17:04 GMT