US Beer Institute seeks to end 232 tariffs, Canada quotas

The organization representing the US beer industry has called for the end of Section 232 tariffs on imports of aluminium from all countries and quotas on imports from Canada.

In a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, the head of the Beer Institute said that granting exemptions or imposing quotas on Canada and Mexico are “not enough to solve the aluminum pricing irregularities currently affecting American end-users.” James McGreevy, president and chief executive (CEO) of the Washington, DC-based trade group, said that as officials negotiate “a new North American Free Trade Agreement deal with Mexico and Canada, the Beer Institute would like to reiterate that the successful negotiation of Nafta should lead to a complete repeal of 232 tariffs on aluminium from all countries and not include any quotas on imported aluminium.”   In June, the US slapped...


Andrea Hotter

September 04, 2018

21:43 GMT

New York