US silicon price slumps again in buyers' market

The spot price for grade-553 silicon in the United States has continued to tumble, falling for a sixth consecutive month in American Metal Market's latest assessment, due to scrap metal-derived silicon supply piling up and buyers remaining disinterested in spot volumes.

The grade-553 silicon price plunged to $1.27-1.29 per lb on Monday September 10, down 5 cents from $1.32-1.34 per lb in August. This brings the silicon assessment to its lowest level since early November 2017, when the price stood at $1.26-1.29 per lb. Buyers retreated from the spot market early in the year - after securing the bulk of their long-term supply needs and ahead of a trade case ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) concerning silicon metal imports from Australia, Brazil, Norway and Kazakhstan. Buyers had anticipated trade duties on imported material driving...


Michael Roh

September 10, 2018

23:10 GMT

New York