ASIAN NICKEL CONF: Indonesia will be major source of battery-grade nickel - Macquarie’s Lennon

Indonesia will sidestep a lack of nickel sulfide resources to become a major source of battery-grade nickel, Macquarie Capital senior commodities consultant Jim Lennon said last week.

Speaking at Metal Bulletin’s sixth Asian Nickel Conference in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Wednesday September 12, Lennon highlighted a misconception that only nickel sulfide can be used to produce battery-grade nickel products.

Nickel sulfide is used to produce high-nickel content products such as nickel matte, nickel full plate cathode and nickel briquette, which previously were the main feedstock for nickel sulfate. In recent years, however, nickel-cobalt hydroxide -...


Violet Li

September 17, 2018

11:36 GMT