Seasonal demand from China supports seaborne iron ore concentrate prices

Seaborne iron ore concentrate prices in China have continued to rise on limited domestic supply while winter production restrictions have begun to affect the northeastern region of the country.

Metal Bulletin’s weekly 66% Fe Concentrate Index was $100.34 per tonne cfr China on Friday September 14, up by $1.60 per tonne from a week earlier. The index movement was based on the visible market activity detailed below.
Data was included in the index calculation according to the published methodology. Any data received under Data Submitter Agreements or subject to a confidentiality request will not be published. No data was discarded in the calculation of these indices.

The daily 65% Fe Iron Ore Index averaged $96.32 per tonne cfr China last week, compared with an average of $95.48 per tonne cfr China the previous week....


Alex Theo

September 17, 2018

16:40 GMT