EU review maintains anti-dumping duties on seamless tube, pipe from Russia, Ukraine

The European Commission (EC) has imposed anti-dumping duties ranging from 12.3% to 35.8% on imports of seamless steel pipes and tubes from Russia and Ukraine following an expiry review, the EC said on Monday October 1.

Products under investigation included seamless pipes and tubes of iron or steel, originating in Russia and Ukraine, of circular cross-section, of an external diameter not exceeding 406.4mm and with a Carbon Equivalent Value (CEV) not exceeding 0.86, according to the International Institute of Welding (IIW) formula and chemical analysis.

Such materials currently fall within CN codes ex 7304 11 00, ex 7304 19 10, ex 7304 19 30, ex 7304 22 00, ex...


Maria Tanatar

October 02, 2018

15:50 GMT