EUROMETAL HAMBURG: EU safeguard case may use country quotas, hit fewer products

Definitive measures in the European Union’s safeguard case on steel product imports may be imposed in the form of country-specific quotas for some products, according to Yuriy Rudyuk, partner with Brussels-based law firm Van Bael & Bellis.

Further, the number of product categories affected could be reduced from the initial 23, while some categories might include fewer products when the European Commission (EC) announces its definitive decision in the case, Rudyuk told delegates to the Eurometal steel net forum & international steel trade day in Hamburg, Germany, on Tuesday October 9. The EC imposed preliminary measures in the safeguard case on July 18, in the form of tariff rate quotas on 23 steel product categories, based on average import volumes over the past three years. Imports will face a 25% tariff if a quota is exceeded. The provisional measures will remain in place for a maximum of 200 days. Originally, the case was opened into 26 steel product categories in late March, in an attempt to prevent steel shipments being redirected to the EU as a result of the Section 232 import tariffs imposed by the United States. Two more...


Maria Tanatar

October 10, 2018

14:20 GMT