EUROMETAL HAMBURG: Turkey’s safeguard case 'will not affect import volumes'

Trade safeguard measures applied by Turkey will have no effect on the country’s traditional import volumes, delegates to the Eurometal steel net forum & international steel trade day in Hamburg, Germany, heard on Tuesday October 9.

This was because the measures do not apply to imports of steel products acquired for processing and re-export, and also taking into account the sufficient volumes of the quotas being used.
In the second half of September, Turkey imposed provisional measures in the form of product-specific tariff rate quotas (TRQs) for imports of flat steel, long steel, iron and steel pipes, stainless steel products and railway equipment. Tariffs of 25% will only be imposed once imports exceed the specific quotas. The additional payments will be levied for a period of 200 days.

The quotas were set at 3.12 million tonnes of flat products, 558,534 tonnes of long products, 273,901 tonnes of iron and steel pipes, 139,934 tonnes of stainless steel products, and...


Maria Tanatar

October 10, 2018

19:40 GMT