Aluminium scrap price falls pressure US secondary Al alloy prices

Prices for the A380.1 and 319.1 secondary aluminium alloys fell in the United States on Thursday October 11, after pressure from depressed scrap aluminium prices spurred some discounted offers into the spot market.

The benchmark A380.1 price fell to 90-92 cents per lb on October 11, down 1 cent from 91-93 cents per lb in the previous assessment. The 319.1 alloy price similarly fell by a penny to $1.01-1.03 per lb on Thursday, from $1.02-1.04 per lb on October 8. One alloy producer reported modest discounting over the course of the past week, selling earlier spot volumes at 91 cents per lb and concluding more recent deals in the 90- to 91-cent per-lb range, he told Fastmarkets AMM on October 11. Some alloy producers may be inclined to lower their offers because the price for non-ferrous auto shred (twitch) also...


Michael Roh

October 12, 2018

22:48 GMT

New York