Alcoa to close operations at two Spanish aluminium plants in Aviles, La Coruña

Alcoa intends to shut down its Spanish aluminium smelting operations at La Coruña and Avilés, citing the plants as being the least productive within the Alcoa system due to structural issues.

The two plants have a combined production of 180,000 tonnes per year – producing primary aluminium, billet and slabs. La Coruña and Avilés also have a combined idle capacity of 53,000 tpy.
"Structural issues at the Avilés and La Coruña plants include small production capacity, less efficient technology and high fixed costs," Alcoa said on Wednesday October 17.

"Those structural issues, combined with external market factors, including Chinese aluminum smelting overcapacity, as...


Alice Mason

October 17, 2018

14:58 GMT