ASIA COPPER WEEK 2018: China’s supply of copper scrap in 2019 not a cause for concern – sources

The availability of copper scrap units in China should improve next year despite the forthcoming ban on category-7 imports, market sources said at Asia Copper Week on Thursday November 15.

The increased copper content in copper scrap imports, growing imports of category-6 scrap from Southeast Asia and greater volumes of domestically produced scrap will offset a ban on all imports of category-7 copper scrap imports from the start of 2019 on environmental grounds. The fall in copper volumes contained in copper scrap imports to China in the first nine months of this year was lower than expected, market participants said. Although the gross weight of copper scrap imports was down by 34.74% at 1.97 million tonnes in the January-September period from a year ago, according to customs data, the volume of copper in those imports only declined by 4-5% because of higher copper content. “Total copper metal in copper scrap imports cif China only declined by 4-5%, or 50,000 tonnes, in the corresponding period...


Ellie Wang

November 16, 2018

02:56 GMT