Chemicals industry welcomes Brexit agreement but seeks more clarity

The chemical industry in the United Kingdom and the European Union has largely welcomed the draft agreement for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and a future trading relationship, delegates said at a high-level conference on “Brexit and the growth of the chemical industry” in London on Thursday November 15.

The agreement for Brexit – the UK’s withdrawal from the European trading bloc - presented by UK Prime Minister Theresa May must still be approved by both the UK Parliament and the European Parliament before it can take effect. But it is a good first step, panelists at the conference said, even though it still lacks some details on chemicals legislation.
“I am not optimistic about some parts of the deal, especially those related to associate membership,” Marco Mensink, director general of the Chemistry Industry Council, said.

The UK government hopes to achieve “associate membership” of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This would mean that the UK would avoid duplicate testing and related costs under the EU's Registration,...


Cristina Belda

November 16, 2018

19:52 GMT