Producer discounts hit A380.1, A413.1 prices

US A380.1 and A413.1 prices edged lower on Thursday November 29, with some producers discounting offers to capture additional sales for December while others were keeping offer levels steady during ongoing contract discussions.

Fastmarkets AMM’s assessment of the benchmark A380.1 price fell to 88-89 cents per lb on Thursday, down by a penny from the previous range of 89-90 cents - where it had been since November 8.
The A413.1 price also fell, widening downward by 1 cent to $1.04-1.06 per lb on November 29 and putting the material at the same level as A360.1, which has held steady since November 12.

Fastmarkets AMM's assessment for the 319.1 and 356.1 alloys were also steady at $1-1.01 per lb and $1.08-1.10 per lb respectively on Thursday.


Michael Roh

December 03, 2018

01:23 GMT

New York