GLOBAL TUNGSTEN WRAP: APT markets quiet; ferro-tungsten price edges down in Europe

The ammonium paratungstate (APT) market was subdued in the week ended Friday November 30 while the ferro-tungsten price in Europe nudged lower.

APT prices in China and Europe stable amid slow trades  Concentrates market quiet  Ferro-tungsten price in Europe edges down; Chinese prices unchanged In Europe, Fastmarkets assessed the free market ammonium paratungstate price at $275-295 per metric tonne unit, cif Rotterdam – a range it has maintained for the past seven weeks.

“Demand is still quite low, there’s some material in Rotterdam but no one is buying,” a consumer said.

“Offer prices edged down but buyers are still reluctant to purchase material,” a trader said.

On the supply side, market participants are eyeing environmental inspections...


Ewa Manthey

Karen Ng

December 03, 2018

14:57 GMT

London, Singapore